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Christophe Godin (born 1968 in Annecy, France) is a French guitarist and singer, notable for his work with the famous french bands Metal Kartoon, Gnô and The Mörglbl Trio. Christophe Godin was on tour with some famous musicians, like Ron Thal (Guns'n'Roses) here on the picture with Jacques , Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Kiko Loureira (Angra). Morglbl shared the stage with Liquid Tension Experiment (3/5 of Dream Theater plus Tony Levin on bass) at US biggest indoor prog festival, the Nearfest. He also played with Paul Gilbert (Mr Big), Franck Gambale (Chick Corea), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson).

He plays a Jacques Meistersinger for chorus . What else ?

This is Laurent Dailleau ( left ) and Kasper T. Toeplitz ( right ), two important names in French contemporary music. Laurent is a Thereminist and will soon experiment with the Singing Geisha, while Kasper, a bass player, have lot of choices in my production. Our hats to the first girls ( coucou Nathalie ! ) on my site which lousy picture really does not make justice.

Claude Engel
is the hottest guitarist in France. There is no hit record that does not feature his impeccable guitar and gifted arrangements. His recordings, compositions and collaborations --Serge Gainsbourg , Sid Vicious !!, Herbie Hancock !!!, ...-- are so numerous and famous that you MUST have a look at his website to get the idea. His is also a prominent TV add composer and thus deserves a place among the future classical stars -- according to "Demolition Man" futurology. He is now in Dublin to record Richard Cocciante latest album, and a new musical "Gone with the wind" with bassist virtuoso buddy Janick Top -- from heroic Magma times.
What do you think he chose for his main overdrive ?

This Michel from the uncanny Marseille group "Cowboys from outer space". It is quite a satisfaction for me that one of the best among the few national fame Marseille bands uses the TUBEBLOWER . With his looks and bike --he is riding a vintage BSA through the old narrows streets of downtown Marseille-- Michel is a great ambassador for the TB overdrive rock tone.

Marc Copely --www.marccopely.com-- is one of the most promising RCA artist and it really is an honour for my fb2 to be a permanent part of his pedalboard. Once again, as a common point to all artist on this page, Marc composes great music with a "tone plan", hearing the complete result before it's made, thus making tone research a genuine part of the music. After listening to his RCA debut album, "Limited lifetime guarantee", you'll understand this is the only way to get to the top.

From my musician background (my first band "Devils" was founded in 1976, then "Lou Grant" in 1985, "The Insects" in 1988 and last but not least "Ultralevure" in 1994, in parallel with a solo production/recording activity), I have always had great relationship with Jacques Stompboxes users, mainly because birds of a feather flock together. I start with a pic of the legendary French rock group, The Dogs. Laurent Ciron, on the left, who was my first customer, proud owner of the Fuse Blower #1, yours truly in the middle, and at right, French rock icon, Dominique, historic leader of The Dogs, who sadly left us this year to join Jimmy in the rock guitarist Heaven.

While Thibault Abrial is the most famous French studio and stage guitarist ---he has been the sideman all the famous people here-- , the numerous great French bands he has been in still qualify him as a rock guitarist. It really is an honor he has chose the FB2 for his main distortion pedal. There was no promotion intended : he just came in the VHM shop in Paris, tried the FB2 and --shazam-- love at first chord ! If you need a sample of Thibault guitar magic, check his "Mission Impossible" rendition (Guitar Attitudes - "Rock Influence" / 1996)

This is Daniel Whitley, leader of the Dan Whitley's band, and brother of the famous Chris Whitley.
Dan is a very early fb1 user, and such a talented musician you cannot argue anything else than genes.

To my point of view, David Fiuczynski is the best guitarist on Earth. Period. His instrumental record "Jazz Punk" along with the Screaming Headless Torsos album and his work "Lunar crush" with virtuoso Hammond organ player John Medeski are three main CD of my permanent discotheque. So it really is a incredible honor for me that David is a Mercer Box and fb2 users, and he uses them in all his new recording. Check the credits!

Here is Peter Langland-Hassan from the incredibly gifted and rising group Elk city (he is the one with the blinding pink shirt). Peter put all his talent into a one-of-a-kind Fuse Blower, the H-Fuse Blower. H stand for harsh, as there is a switch on this pedal that allows some harshness into the usual Fuse Blower sweet tone.

Here is a pic of his pedalboard which is printed in the inner jacket of the last Elk city CD. Not enough Jacques pedals here, so Peter is warming up his credit card for some musictoyz adventure in Tubeblowerland.

This is my second pair of ears : Franjo ! (here ordering sausage bacon and spam)
Besides being an ultra talented guitarist, Franjo is the only ear I trust as mine (if you except my sidekick Pierre whose veto is irreversible). He contributed to my site from the start, and is now responsible for new pedals demo. The Tube Blower and Meistersinger demo are entirely recorded and commented by this German genius only second after J.S.Bach. I seize the opportunity to say hello to all Jacques Stompboxes German users and to Peter, my distributor for Germany. Danke !

Candy Apple Jaguar equipped Leo Abrahams, here playing with Ed Harcourt at the Guilford Festival. Leo plays with Andisexgang too, but most of all has the honor to be Brian Eno live guitarist. Leo trusts his Spin Acher for Leslie like trem on his beautiful ambiant guitar tones.

You are an obscure Jacques Stompboxes user and you want to appear here in full spot light among the stars. Heck, why not ? Just contact me on my mailbox, jacques@ts808.com, and send me of pic of you playing guitar- or of your mother making cookies- and I'll make sure you'll get noticed at last. Whacky band name a plus.

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